All Hell Broke Loose At Justin Bieber’s Movie Premiere

By Travis December 20, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Justin Bieber and his crew of nobodies and hanger-ons walked the red carpet for the premiere of his new documentary, Believe, in Los Angeles last night, and naturally the theater was stormed by a mob of his insane teenage fans. Fortunately, no one was reportedly hurt, from Bieber and Usher to the Kardashian girl who is still underage but awkwardly showed off her leg and Jaden Smith’s fly-catching mouth, but it still must have been a scary experience for Bieber, because I assume that he’s stoned out of his mind 24/7. Fortunately, none of this will happen when he finally retires next week, at least until he reveals he’s full of shit by announcing his new album in the spring.

Photo Credits: RHS/Apega/FayesVision/

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    miche the killer 12/20/2013 12:10

    Are you kidding me with that gd outfit & those finger guns? He truly is the Vanilla Ice of this sad generation. And Jaden Smith apparently thinks he’s the Basquiat, only with more money & less of the genuine eccentricity & talent that make someone an artist.

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