Barron Hilton Lets His Beatdown Go Unpunished

December 24, 2013 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

According to Barron Hilton, he got his ass unfairly kicked at Lindsay Lohan’s Miami house party while Lindsay watched and snickered. The entire Hilton family came to Barron’s defense, because what sort of coke-fueled douchebag heir doesn’t tell the truth when it comes to how he took his latest beating. Barron Hilton went through the semantics of filing a police report to get the ball rolling on bringing his attacker to justice. When Miami police contacted Barron about the case, he decided not to answer. Instead, he took his girlfriend to Hawaii so he could nail her in the ocean while she made him tell her again how much money he’d have after his parents died in an accidental bludgeoning incident. The police closed the case since none of them really gave a shit in the first place about some asshole getting his face clocked a few times. When people tell you it’s pretty damn cold to wish violence upon another person, just bring up the name Barron Hilton and they’ll give you a pass.

Photo Credit: PCN

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