Michelle Vieth In Her Lingerie

Michelle Vieth Poses In Lingerie For The December 2013 Issue of H para Hombres Magazine Michelle Vieth is special. She did the reverse Mexican migration from Iowa to Mexico to become a TV star on Spanish language television. I blame the Tea Party because why not. But it worked out okay because now she's a star and she's posing in her underwear. Which makes her hotter than any girl I've ever met from Iowa.

Photo Credit: H Para Hombres [gallery ids="1673922,1674062,1673892,1673872,1674052,1674032,1673942,1673902,1673972,1673932,1673952,1674002,1673862,1673882,1673962,1674082,1673982,1673992,1674092,1673912,1674012,1674022,1674042,1674072,1674102,1674112"]

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