Stephanie Seymour Is a Wonder of Nature

Stephanie Seymour Goes For A Swim In A Bikini At The Beach In Saint Barths It's been more than twenty years since she beat the crap out of the much smaller Axl Rose for being a dick even by rock frontman standards. Stephanie Seymour still looks hot enough to take a beating from if there's some sex to follow. I guess trouble girls grow into trouble women who eventually grow into trouble senior citizens who get geriatrics to buy them jewelry and disinherit their children because even at 75 she's still looking stacked in that house robe. Men never stop being stupid for tits.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet,, PCN, WENN [gallery ids="1700832,1700882,1700892,1700842,1700852,1700902,1700862,1700872,1700912,1700922,1700932"]

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