Hunter King Demands Co-Star Be Fired For Groping Her Yabbos

January 11, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You can look at a girls tits, and you can dream about girls tits, and if you’re in a German sheizen video and your adult female co-star has signed off on all the proper documents, you can relieve yourself on a girls tits, but you can’t just go pawing the boobs of the women at the office. Even if they’re big hug-me’s like Hunter King has. I thought she was called Haley King, but I guess it’s now Hunter. She’s on the Young & the Restless and her co-star Michael Muhney kept grabbing her boobs completely unscripted. Hunter issued an ultimatum to show producers to have his ass fired or she’d go to the cops. A very soap opera move. Back in the day she could’ve just asked her brother to kick this dude in the scrote, but modern times call for modern ways. Of course, there was the natural reaction of female viewers of the show to support… the sex offender. Several of the emotionally retarded lady fans cracked open their piggy banks to pay for a plane to fly over CBS with a banner demanding his return. Because, you know, they stir their scraggly honey pots to dreams of him violating them in his leather dungeon. Plus, he’s a dad with cute kids and a perfect smile. How can he possibly be a sex offender?

Photo Credit: Getty, Hunter King/Twitter

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