Robin Roberts Takes the Lid Off the Gay

January 8, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

What a relief for Robin Roberts. Now that she’s shocked the world by announcing she’s the rare lesbian women’s basketball player, she can gush with endless amusing anecdotes about her life partner just like the other talking painted smiles on morning television. For years Robin had to hide the true identity of who was cranking her mustard each evening when she got home. And America was much worse for not knowing. Now she won’t shut the fuck up about her girlfriend, Amber. Only, she’s not sharing the lesbo sex stuff with her reasonably good looking girlfriend. You know, the stuff one might be interested to hear about. Just the mundane boring relationship bullshit that we currently already hate about heterosexual people. I didn’t vote for gay rights to get the L Word without the sex scenes. I think I was conned. Scissor kissing stories with Amber or this lesbian shit needs to go back into the closet. There’s no reason to legalize boring.

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