The Entourage Movie Just Got Interesting

Nina Agdal On The Set of 'Entourage' In A Bikini With Topless Co-Stars On A Yacht In Miami I no longer care how bad the Entourage movie will be. Turtle's hemming and hawing dilemma, Johnny's tired dumb guy, Vince's need to talk things out with his buddies, Eric getting in a fight with Vince then realizing he's his best friend. It's a girls tale told with dudes. But it doesn't matter now that the topless chicks in bikinis have showed up in front of the cameras, I'm going to end up seeing this movie. That's all it takes really. That's precisely how I know about the TV show at all. They could call it The Tits Movie featuring Entourage and I'd probably attend opening day. Making films that matter is not all that complicated.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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