Emilia Clarke Is The Most Desirable

February 13, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

According to a poll of readers from AskMen.com, my go to source for prostate health and watch buying tips, Emilia Clarke is the most desirable woman in the world. There’s no possible way to win the list game on the Internet, but picking the okay looking chick from Game of Thrones is like giving up. It’s not even as cynical as Maxim picking Miley Cyrus because goofy looking tomboys SEO well. It’s time for this top hottest girls thing to come to an end. I know it represents 95% of all your traffic for the year, because men don’t actually care all that much about prostates and watches, but either make a comprehensive list called 10,000 Girls I’ve Imagined Gobbling My Knob or just go back to best adventure vacation options for thrill seeking dudes. Fuck, there’s Miley Cyrus again on the AskMen most desirable women list. I guess Brooklyn Decker’s monthly discharge was unavailable.

Photo Credit: GQ

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