Ireland Baldwin To Be Fashion Correspondent At The Oscars

By Lex February 25, 2014 @ 4:16 PM

Ireland Baldwin In A Bikini
While daddy struggles with the minority-hating man in the mirror, Ireland Baldwin has been tapped to be the Oscar night fashion correspondent for TVGN. I have no fucking clue what TVGN is or what Ireland Baldwin knows about fashion, but if they can commit to having Ireland correspond in a thong bikini, I’d take the time to spin through those couple hundred alternating gay propaganda and Christian ministry channels on DirecTV. I’m not sure how deep Ireland Baldwin is on the fashion correspondent depth chart, but now that everybody has a cable channel, you can count on seeing the likes of Tootie from Facts of Life and a guy who once played Dr. Who in a college engineering department skit reporting live from the red carpet. For me, it will always be about the wondrous look in Seacrest’s eyes as he imagines himself in each successive flowing gown that keeps me tuned in for two hours of pre-show.

Photo Credit: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

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