Maria Menounos Desperate to Get One Male Viewer

By Lex February 27, 2014 @ 4:10 PM

Maria Menounos Cleavy Dressed Like A Showgirl On The Set Of 'Extra'
I’m worried that if I watch I ever watch Extra, my balls will shrivel up like a time lapse clip on how grapes are made into raisins. Even the rugged presence of AC Slater can’t elevate that show to baseline masculine viewing standards. Still, they’ve got Maria Menounos showing off her body, which is a nice interlude for celebrities smiling broadly and pretending they won’t be cutting themselves later that evening as punishment for being 33 and still playing a high school vampire on television. I don’t know exactly why people enjoy watching shows where everybody is lying. You might as well flip on C-SPAN or watch a movie where Tom Cruise seduces a woman.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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    Ernst Stavro Blofeld 02/27/2014 16:32

    I see she’s implemented “Olivia Munn’s Cool Chick Shtick” to try and charm her way to an acting career. Could work, but I’d go back a little further and try the pre-Olivia “Lisa Munn’s Blow and Bang Anyone in a Position of Power Shtick” if I were Menounos. After all, it worked. No more pudding baths on G4 or parading around comic con in a Wonder Woman get-up pandering to dorks for Munn. Hell no – Not our Lisa…I mean, “Olivia”; she works with Aaron Sorkin and a troupe of of respectable actors now. Sure, they probably marvel at the amount of jizz she must have swallowed to get where she is, but, one, they give her courtesy of doing it behind her back, and two: she doesn’t have to endure Mario Lopez every day on national television. Think about it, Maria.

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    dylujenaw 02/27/2014 18:24

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