Minka Kelly Is Getting Back Into Jeter Shape

By Travis February 26, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

When Derek Jeter finally retires from being forced to like Alex Rodriguez at the end of this baseball season, there will be a lot of questions surrounding his next move, including which girl he’s going to have a lot of sex with. That means it’s time for Minka Kelly to get back to the gym and get back into game shape, because she’s in a perfect position to be there for her man once again and maybe even convince him to finally settle down. That would be huge for her, since her latest show that nobody watches is probably going to be canceled, but also because Jeter is wealthy and famous enough to keep sleeping with 20-somethings long into his 90s. But we’re pulling for Minka, mainly because she’s not getting any younger and no woman should have to go running back to Wilmer Valderrama.

Photo Credits: WENN.com

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    Shastar 02/26/2014 12:45

    Hey, website administrators: are you guys going to do something about all these spambots? I’m getting tired of having to wade through 3 or 4 messages just to get to the Lex-Hate comments.

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    Al Bundy 02/26/2014 16:26

    >since her latest show that nobody watches is probably going to be canceled<

    Wait…what ? Oh man, I love that show (Almost Human).

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    Hugh G. Rection 02/27/2014 00:24

    Criminey. She needs to lay off the squats and the power cleans. Those thighs are massive.

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