Nina Adgal Likes Her Some Fish

By Lex February 27, 2014 @ 5:35 PM

Nina Adgal In Bikini Bottoms For A Carl's Jr Ad
Nobody’s managed to more successfully mix the themes of cheap processed meat and the chances of having sex with a hot woman so well as Carl’s Jr.. Carl Karcher was a pretty conservative Orange Country guy, Bircher, didn’t like the gays too much, so they waited until the Carl’s Jr. founder died a few years ago to really whip out the tits and ass in support of his sandwiches. I think Paris Hilton was first, with the Herpes Bacon Southwest BBQ Burger which was really just their regular Southwest burger but with HSV2 in the place of onion rings. Nina Agdal is pushing their cod sandwich. You’ve got to really fucking love fish to order it at a fast food restaurants. Most alley cats wouldn’t even take that risk. But there’s no denying that consuming this sandwich could result in sex with Nina Agdal. Or dysentery. And not in equal likelihoods.

Photo Credit: Carl’s Jr

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    dylujenaw 02/27/2014 18:23

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    aandm12 02/27/2014 19:20

    Great Burgers….the only thing fishy I would be interested would be a taste of Nina’s hairless bearded clam….yum-yum…dim sum…

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    Admiral 02/27/2014 19:47

    I’d eat that.

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