Reggie Bush And Not Kim Kardashian Took Their Kid To Lunch

By Travis February 21, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Ever since Kim Kardashian krapped out Kanye West’s directional daughter, people have forgotten all about how she used to have sex with Reggie Bush before anyone really gave a shit about her. That’s probably a good thing for Reggie, because that means we’ll all focus on how average he is at football instead of talking about his personal life. But every once in a while, he’s spotted out in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Lilit Avagyan, like he was yesterday, and we’re reminded that this girl looks exactly like Kim Kardashian. He probably just has a specific type, but holy shit that has to make Kim feel like her vagina is made of rich velvet and smells like fresh laundry.

Photo Credits: Michael Wright/

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    DrainBammage 02/21/2014 11:38

    What the hell is it with the brothas and armenian chicks?

    Are fat bleached white chicks not the in thing anymore?

    I guess unibrows, facial hair and braided pubes has some special attraction.

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    redhook 02/21/2014 14:30

    I think they just go after the elephant butts.

  3. avatar
    Admiral 02/21/2014 19:23

    Wait. Wait. Kanye West isn’t a pseudonym for Reggie Bush? They’re two different people? I need more black friends ’cause I can’t tell them apart.

  4. avatar
    Beylerbey 02/21/2014 21:33

    “I need more black friends…”

    HA HA HA HA HA HA, good one, Admiral.

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