Through Rain, Sleet Or Snow, Famke Janssen’s Dog Will Take A Crap

February 27, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Any good dog owner knows that some shitty weather’s never going to stop a pet from having to go outside and drop a steamer, and so Famke Janssen stood on a corner in Manhattan yesterday in the rain so she could wait for her bundled up dog to do its business. There’s also a possibility that Famke just really needed a coffee, and she felt the need to bundle her dog up for that, but that would make her a heartless bitch and she has always seemed pretty cool. All we can really hope for is that she’s the kind of lazy dog owner that doesn’t scoop, and Alec Baldwin and Spike Lee were both walking by, complaining about what New York has become, and they stepped in the crap and both slid in front of busses.

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