Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Brother Husband Says Fatties Need to Stop Hating

By Lex March 12, 2014 @ 2:17 PM

Bobbi Kristina Brown Looking Skinny In A Bikini
Bobbi Kristina Brown wants everybody who’s worried about her to take a chill pill. She has a couple in her purse if you don’t have your own. She says she just takes after her mother, Whitney Houston. That ought to ease health concerns. She was talking specifically about critcisms that she looks too skinny in recent bikini pictures she was forced to post online by the guy who looks like Thundarr the Barbarian who visits her during her psychedelic journeys.

I am my mothers child ! Have you ever heard of a #fastmetabolism? Damn, lol it’s incredible how the world will judge you 4ANY&EVERYthing.

By fast metabolism, I think she’s referring to Whitney eating only crack with diet chocolate sprinkles after 9am. Still all caps is all caps and ought be respected.

Bobbi’s new husband and sort of kind of her brother by adoption, Nick Gordon, felt obliged to take time away from his jam packed schedule of video games and nail biting to back his woman:

My baby is perfect the way she is. Y’all reporters on my shit can suck my dick. MADD cuz your bitch is a 400 pounder.

Nick’s got a point. As long as he’s not breaking his sister-wife’s bones when he’s railing her in a stupor, whose business is it if she’s skinny like her dead mom. You have to admire a man who rushes to the defense of his lady. Just thinking about the touching English language challenged poetry he’s going to recite at her funeral has me misty.

Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina / Twitter

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    Mud Nugget 03/12/2014 15:43

    Definitely ATM material

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    Beylerbey 03/12/2014 20:17

    I’m always jealous of people with obviously good genes.

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    Roadshitter6.5 03/14/2014 12:10

    Use some of that drug money on braces for those chompers, PLEASE

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