Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Wearing Any Panties

By Lex March 04, 2014 @ 3:20 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Not Wearing Panties At The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Jennifer Lawrence took a break from being disgusted by Hollywood selling young sexy woman to show up without panties at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. It’s a bold meta statement on her desire to get the media to confess their sins. Quit looking at my pussy, you insidious sellers of snatch! As a reflection of her principles, Jennifer donates five-percent of revenues from all gigs she books due to her big young rack to a charity that helps hot women lament their good looks.

Photo Credit: Getty, WENN

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    aandm12 03/04/2014 16:10

    But does she fall on her ass this time? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Beylerbey 03/04/2014 20:35

    This is why this site exists.

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    Neopopulas 03/05/2014 02:59

    After studying these pictures in great detail i can say with at least 97% surety that she is indeed wearing some kind of undergarments..

    Come on, we’re better than this.

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