Justin Bieber Settles Egging Case

March 20, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Lesbian lesser born hobbit Justin Bieber is trying to make a plea deal with his neighbor’s lawyers over the infamous egging incident. The LA County DA asked to meet with Bieber’s undead lawyer Howard Weitzman to discuss the deal. Basically the miniaturized shit eating cock weasel will pay 20K in property damage to his neighbor’s property and call it even. You’ll recall that Bieber and some of his multicultural Barney and friends posseĀ egged his neighbor’s house a few months back because the neighbor asked Bieber to please stop being such an inconsiderate asshole. How the fuck he caused $20,000 worth of damage with eggs is as mysterious as which set of genitals Bieber is sporting. This kind of cash money deal is pretty common, especially with celebrity dicks like Bieber who throw down three times as much dough in an hour at a strip club. In a more civilized society, like, say, Afghanistan, they’d hog tie the tiny douche and allow three randy billy goats to gruff him up the ass while he cried out that he deserves respect as an artist. Call it harsh, but you know you’d watch.

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