Lady Gaga Got Puked On and Demi Lovato Doesn’t Like the Aftertaste

By Lex March 18, 2014 @ 3:36 PM

Lady Gaga Washes Off Vomit In The Tub After Performing In Austin
I come to this tale with a little jealousy. I’ve been wanting to vomit on Lady Gaga’s face long before this fancy pants performance artist came and spit up colored milk all over her damaged koala looking frontside. I once saw a performance artist shove a potato up her ass and recite the names of the Presidents she claimed were responsible for imperialism. It made me feel ashamed, mostly for the lengths I went to get laid in college. That tuber up the ass was minor spectacle compared to seeing Millie Brown bulimia her colorful dairy all over Gaga at SXSW, that festival in Austin that you really need to start telling people you attended. Fuck Coachella, this is the new hipster cool points. Lady Gaga found being barfed on so liberating that she posted a picture of herself naked in the bathtub cleaning off the puke:

I loved every moment with you Austin. Last nights show healed my soul. Creative Rebellion is ARTPOP. Release yourself from every expectation. Be free.

If that doesn’t inspire you to want to have some nasty chick upchuck spoiled cream on you, nothing will. I can only imagine how millions of Little Monsters have reordered their disaffected teen bucket lists, completely forgoing their previous goal of having a gay BFF who holds them while they cut the word ARTPOP into their flabby forearms.

Demi Lovato, a known eating disorder sufferer, sees the liberating puking performance art a bit differently. She thought it glorified bulimia and took to Twitter to talk truth to power:

Demi Lovato then went on to Tweet some more analogies about cutting and drugs and other things under her broad life experiences belt. She raised the important philosophical point that just because you call something ‘art’ doesn’t mean it’s inherently worthwhile. Sadly, she couldn’t complete the logic circle and bring that back to her own musical endeavors. The puking performance artist countered Demi Lovato’s assertions with a whole bunch of chatter that made no sense and gave me a huge fucking headache to try and understand. I think it mostly boiled down to, my dad never loved me, so I’m gonna keep on barfing milk on whoever the hell I want. Female empowerment is so incredibly complicated. We really need to work on getting more girls into sports.

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    DrainBammage 03/18/2014 18:32

    I think vomit is the perfect symbolism for the pop music that Caca, FrankenPerry and the rest peddle to girls and gays.

    if I knew what the hell a Demetria is (an STD?), Id care but the pop as puke metaphor really works well alone.

    Which bodily fluid will be next a part of her performance art?
    Feces or semen?
    Or how about she has her fans throw their used tampons (and big wing tipped maxi-pads) at her white gown during a show?

    Weve jumped the shark a while back, none of thse suggestions are off the table.

  2. avatar
    Maybe_Observer 03/19/2014 13:07

    Looks more like Nikelodean slime than real puke……..

    Semen is the face is a well-recognized and lauded art form, DrainBammage……

    …and Two Girls, One Cup?? Still making money…

  3. avatar
    Beylerbey 03/19/2014 13:22

    Where I’m from a man has to pay $350 for this kind of action.

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