Maria Menounos To Leave Extra, Or Not

March 27, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Maria Menounos is either leaving her gig on Extra or not. According to highly almost never reliable Page Six, Maria’s contract isn’t being renewed because she’s a diva who hates AC Slater and is asking for too much money. That all seems pretty logical to me. Maria’s fall back position is her awesome new reality show on Oxygen featuring her and her long time boyfriend who both live in her parents home because it’s Greek tradition to force your parents to listen to some dude slop banging their daughter well into her 30’s. Her plan B is to explore new opportunities. Plan C is finding a boyfriend who can afford a house. She’s covered, though if I were her I’d switch the order of my backup plans. I didn’t actually believe Maria was leaving that smiling mannequins daily strip show of hers until she went on Opie and Anthony and denied it. She’s not a particularly good liar. For some reason, I always expect women with nice asses to be smoother at the sinister skills.

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