Scarlett Johansson Topless Bottomless Really Damn Blurry

By Lex March 17, 2014 @ 8:28 AM

I’m not sure why Scarlett Johansson is so blurry, maybe she’s sad. This movie Under the Skin will likely be as boring as the rest of Scotland, no offense to Scotland, naturally. There are worse things than boring. Look at France. But who’s not going to pay attention to Scarlett Johansson buck naked. She plays an alien seductress who wears a horrible brunette wig and then likes to get nude in very poor lighting to frustrate men masturbating at home. That part may not be adapted straight from the book of the same title. This is one of those movies where some junior in development read a book that just had to be made into a movie and rushed into some executives office and told him that this book just had to be made into a movie and right after one amazing blowjob, he agreed. That’s not sexist because the junior in development was probably a dude also. Hollywood has changed. That was about a dozen years ago. All the money people passed until somebody got Scarlett to agree to show off her full frontal. That’s the magic power of VIP tits right there. Her baby seems really lucky.

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