The New Avengers Movie Looks Good

Elizabeth Olsen Looking Chesty On The Set Of 'The Avengers Age Of Ultron' In Italy By the sight of Elizabeth Olsen's hammer boobs, I'd say the new Avengers movie is looking pretty cinematic. It's one of ninety-seven comic books movies Hollywood has in production since they decided original films were too hard. I think in this one Hulk considers becoming a woman and Iron Man gives up GMOs despite lack of scientific evidence or something modern like that. Comic books have always been the place where young men have learned about tolerance and cultural understanding and that women should have twenty-two inch waists and thirty-eight inch breasts and pack them into tight sweaters until fondled by extendo rubber appendages. That social burden has put a lot of pressure on the writers. I think some guy who won a Doritos promotional contest got to write this installment. At least they got the Olsen sister who weighs triple digits. Those two Styx river rexics give me the heebie jeebies.

Photo Credit: Splash, AKM-GSI

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