Venezuela’s Government Hates Jared Leto

March 4, 2014 | WTF | editor | 0 Comments

The crypto-Commie fuckers in the Venezuelan government think that Hollywood is out to get them. That’s because a couple of times during last night’s Oscars, Hollywood ceased auto-fellatio mode long enough to show support for anti-government protesters in Venezuela. There have been mass demonstrations, (or as we call them in America: scary CNN riots), over the continuing mismanagement of the government by the faltering Maduro government. But according to the Minister of Communications Delcy Rodriguez, it’s just a conspiracy by right wing extremists in Hollywood to defame poor little Venezuela. She says,

“Extremists of the right are lobbying in Hollywood looking for statements against Venezuela during the Oscar awards ceremony. This worldwide smear campaign against our Fatherland enjoys the support of a powerful media platform at the service of imperial interests!”

I’m afraid Delcy flunked out of socialist dictator apologist school. Yes, Delcy, if that is your real fake Che Guevara inspired name, Jared Leto is a conservative firebrand in America. He’s just to the right of the Duck Commander. 30 Seconds to Mars is his cover for spreading the neo-con imperialist message to control Latin America through the Dole Fruit company. Also, are you really using the term Fatherland to promote your nation? Was Third Reich not available as a Venezuelan dot com domain? This kind of makes it official, I’m un-following Venezuela on Twitter and Facebook until this chick gets beheaded.

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