Andy Cohen Cruises Tindr For Man Meat

April 7, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Bravo’s openly super gay Andy Cohen admitted on the Tonight Show that he uses Tindr to find his latest boy toys. The Watch What Happens Live star is a big wig in the world of shitty reality TV shows about screaming New Jersey drag queens. He’s also a notoriously promiscuous cocksman with a taste for tender squire meat. But where is a top TV executive going to meet that special someone for 15 minutes of rub and tug on such a busy schedule?

“Guess what, I can’t believe you said that, because I got on Tinder the other day. I really did. It’s crazy. I’ve been doing a lot of swiping. You look and if you like, you hit like.”

I’ve known a few guys who’ve worked for Andy in the past and they all have various tales of a highly confident gay dick swinger. One former employee told me that Andy once bribed his way into his hotel room and spread himself naked on the bed waiting for this dude to arrive. When he got there, Andy reportedly said, “You can do whatever you want with me!” Another told me of mass orgies in his pool at his home in the Hamptons that rival the last days of Sodom. I have no way of independently verifying their stories, well, I do, but I’m not going to. And to the bigger point — who cares? If Andy were a mega-whoring powerful female boss chick banging the crap out of willing employees, I’d applaud. If I was the victim of her office place sexual extortion. I’d keep quiet and allow myself to be assaulted daily in the copy room. If Andy Cohen wants to Caligula through the New York media establishment, all the power to him. I’d rather he spend his time in the sweaty rectum clinch than making more insipid shows about drunken middle-aged wives of men with deeply stretched credit.

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