Behold The Cover Of Farrah Abraham’s Spank Book

April 2, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

The Farrah Abraham new sex book trilogy Celebrity Sex Tape finally gets its cover. The trio of novels will tell the tale of Fallon Opal, a reality TV star that gets lost in the seamy underworld of porn. Think of Fifty Shades of Grey but without the classiness or deep literary merit. The cover of the first book, In the Making, shows Farrah lying in bed with a bag of douche post-boning taking a selfie. Though I reject this endeavor in its entirety as a man rejects women’s basketball, the cover is extremely appropriate. Since it tells the tale of a vapid self obsessed gunt that sells her body for fame and fortune, what could be more fitting than a scheming whore taking a selfie in her filthy cum soaked bed? Kudos to whatever porn photographer took this picture for their artistic vision. I’m too spent to figure out how Farrah owns the title of New York Times Bestelling Author, but I assume it’s in the ass-to-mouth-to-pen sub category.

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