Dave Navarro And Carmen Electra Probably Had Sex Again

By Travis April 24, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

The 2014 Golden Gods Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and the event was such a huge celebration of the year’s best in Heavy Metal that it aired exclusively on a VH1 live feed. And if you missed it last night, or you’re a purist who can only watch meaningless awards shows on TV, you only have to wait another month until VH1 Classic airs some highlights of the show. Fortunately, Peter Pan rocker Dave Navarro was keeping everyone updated from the red carpet on Twitter, and he even reunited with his ex-wife Carmen Electra to show us all how chlamydia is made. Did these two former lovers rekindle their once-steamy love? Probably. They’re both single and on the wrong side of 40, so Dave’s probably taking advantage of every chance he can get before his dick finally falls off.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Getty

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    Admiral 04/24/2014 12:14

    Be a virus, see the world.

  2. Jonny Midnight 04/26/2014 21:17

    Who cares if they did, or not? If I thought I had a chance with her, I might care. Since there is no chance of that happening, what difference does it make who did?

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