David Aldridge Jumped the Donald Sterling Shark

April 30, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Of all the bandwagoners, righteous late comers, and pilers on to the Donald Sterling thirty-years in the making sudden revelations, I have to tip my cap to David Aldridge for especially awesome levels of grandstanding. On the TNT broadcast of the Warriors-Clippers game, Aldridge climbed aboard his soapbox and announced his son asked him earlier in the day, ‘Daddy, will they let you go to the game?’. You see, Aldridge is black and up until the moment Adam Silver, Jesus, and the ghost of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. jointly issued a lifetime ban on Donald Sterling, it was precarious as to whether blacks would be allowed in the Little Rock school, I mean, Staples Center. It might have well been Little Rock in 1957 because that’s how the pure of heart are treating this Donald Sterling hooker tape. Sure, there’s tons of really nasty, life-altering, even life-taking racism going on in this country. But that shit is way too complicated and obtuse and requires real long term effort. Let’s throw Donald Sterling’s penalty money at that and pretend we did something. Piling on asshole Donald Sterling because he doesn’t want his rich buddies making fun of his mistress hanging out with black men is so much more relevant to the plight of black Americans. As David Aldridge was able to answer his son while choking back the croc tears, ‘I’m here, son, I made it.’ Wow, fucking heroic. Did they let you get the seasoned salt on your popcorn in your court-side seat or was Laverne dropping n-bombs while Billy Crystal hit you with the fire hose? I hate people.

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