Demi Lovato Topless Pictures Leaked And Here’s Why You Should Care

By Lex April 05, 2014 @ 6:06 AM

I’m pretty sure every woman has a sex tape or naked photos of themselves floating around the Internet somewhere. If my mom called and told me we had to talk, I’d slam the phone down before she could cry about a clip of her and Sam the Butcher getting jiggy on 4Chan. Demi Lovato hasn’t been right since Barney made her do nasty from me to you kisses with Baby Bop in the playhouse. She inherited an eating disorder from her mom. By nine she was choking out her Oscar Meyer snack packs to keep her junior muffin top at bay. Then came cutting and drugs and worst of all, sex with Wilmer Valderrama. That right there should be enough to make you send back the lunch you already ate. Now, somebody’s shopping her sex tape and leaking out pictures that sure do look like her showing all kinds of human like intimacy and some titties. I’d say she made some unfortunate decisions in her life, but that’d just be the drugs talking. Hers, not mine. I think the bigger lesson learned here is that Corey Feldman has been right all along. Hollywood is a bunch of creepy sex fiends and pedophiles and opportunists looking to get over on stage kids either too young or too fucked up to know any better. I’m not blaming Wilmer, he lacks the intellectual capacity to be a conspirator. I’m going to go ahead and blame Demi’s mom, for being mental. And also for pushing her daughter into stardom when going to school, meeting cute boys, and maybe going on to be an interior decorator would’ve perhaps proved healthier. But that’s just me being all judgmental while I stare at Demi’s tits.

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    zuzivumuf 04/05/2014 07:36

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/05/2014 10:43

    She’s got more tattoos than a Russian convict.

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    jblank1074 04/05/2014 11:34

    Nice tits…..too many tats.

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    ysnkys 04/05/2014 17:37

    more have leak. they’re lq because the hq ones are for sales.

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    Beylerbey 04/05/2014 19:48

    Shouldn’t Wilmer be sitting on a pole in his native Paraguay with all the other underrage male prostitutes? What gives?

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    Shortshanks 04/07/2014 09:39

    I like nudes….and the story……

    ………………………………………….but as far as the “headline” goes ( And Here’s Why You Should Care )…………… that in the follow-up post?

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    Shortshanks 04/07/2014 09:41

    She’s 21 !!!!

    ….not much scandal to see here…..

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    Admiral 04/07/2014 13:06

    Okay, she just got a LOT more interesting.

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    LovaticTillTheEnd 06/26/2014 16:32

    hello idiots. Go ahead and keep drooling men. For here you see a random chick who decided to trick y’alls stupid men minds(and women). Her faith AND bird tattoos are on the wrong arm dummies. // Did you just say that her depression and drug abuse was a crime. Didn’t know it made you an alien! Insulting half the world isn’t a nice thing. Wouldn’t do that. Children, Adults, and teens cut and have depression + over dose. It’s not a crime, ok. Sooo NO holding that against her. Wow.. People having sex? Thats a total first O:! Let me know when you never have sex, k? // Messed up? If you mean messed up as in she has a pretty normal life besides being famous? Unless you mean the power of bullies? and depression. I have a depression and I dont see 50 million people talking about me.. SO um stfu? and leave her alone. (ps not a option) How bout we blame people like you. :)

    Have a terrible life:)


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    nudelolzzz 08/15/2015 22:39

    Actually that’s not a random chick that’s actually her the reason the tattoos aren’t in place is because she took the picture while infront of a mirror (some sort of selfie trend nowadays) with obviously reverses the image with made the tats look out of place and in the opposite side

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