Elizabeth Loaiza In Lingerie And Bikinis

By Lex April 14, 2014 @ 6:03 PM

Elizabeth Loaiza In Lingerie And Bikinis For Lenceria le Bon
I’m no sexist. I’d vote for the woman who tagged Hillary with a shoe. I love my mother. And I think good looking women deserve higher pay than men for doing the exact same job, especially doing those jobs in tight tank tops. There’s just something about girls in swimsuits and heels that takes me back to beauty pageants toe-to-heel stepping girls whose entire self-worth is built on the Vaseline they’ve rubbed on their teeth to keep their licks from sticking. That’s honest living. With fuckable heels.

Photo Credit: Lenceria le Bon

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    bujawevu 04/14/2014 21:30

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/15/2014 10:05

    Me rikey.

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