Jenelle Evans Is Apparently Proud Of This

April 15, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

You could pick me up by my ankles and dangle me over the balcony of a very tall building while demanding that I tell you the names of three of the women who appeared on MTV’s Teen Mom, and there’s a really strong chance that I’d be flattened on the sidewalk in a matter of 20 seconds. Beyond Farrah Abraham, I couldn’t name any others, and I already feel like a filthy bag of shit for knowing that, but hey, she’s the one who decided to make porn and I was required by law to watch it. Jenelle Evans is one of the other Teen Mom girls, but I only remember that now because she’s the one who has all of the different mugshots. She’s also now apparently the one who likes to give fetishists hard ons, too, because she’s posting photos of her pregnant self on Twitter, and it’s certainly not to prove to the world how much she glows. Meanwhile, almost a million people follow this girl. Great fucking work, MTV.

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