Nikki Lund And Nikki Leigh Take Their Workouts Seriously

Nikki Lund And Nikki Leigh Show Off Their Cleavage Working Out In Indian Wells One of these mega-yammed bleached blond Nikkis is a Playboy model and the other is currently designing a line of leopard skin pants with Richie Sambora. I could look it up and figure out which one is which, but that would break our implied social contract. We pretend that we stumbled upon these two fun-sized lasses working the 3-lb dumbbells in their backyard. They pretend they don't know there's a cameraman snapping digitals down their tops. And we all agree not to mention the phrase, all-day masturbation candy. It's a tripwire type deal. But nary a missile was fired in four decades of Cold War. That shit works.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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