Olivia Munn Is Getting Sloppy

By Lex April 22, 2014 @ 6:46 PM

Olivia Munn Cleavy In The May 2014 Issue Of Allure
Olivia Munn used to be fun. She’s got those Eurasian looks that make dudes assume you could fuck her while watching a ballgame while women see right through her sinister shit and want to slit her yellow throat with an onyx blade while she slumbers. I might be transferring some of my feelings and applying them to the general population as I am apt to do. Either way, I can see her nipple in one of these photos. I wasn’t even trying. I think when she was on G4 and I bought into the whole geeky hot girl next door thing that nipple was gold to me. Now that she’s all network and looking like she had work done and living off the crumbs of coffee cake others leave on the table at Starbuck’s because they assume somebody will clean it, meh, not so much. I’m thinking more about a titty twister for making me watch that first episode of Perfect Couples.

Photo Credit: Allure

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    Al Bundy 04/22/2014 20:30

    I remember back in the day laughing at all the guys that actually believed her fake bullsh*t how she wasa big video gamer and she loved nerdy guys.

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    Hugh G. Rection 04/23/2014 11:04

    Yeah sorry, I just can’t find much to complain about here.

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