Tila Tequila Reveals Who Knocked Her Up

By Michael April 24, 2014 @ 2:50 PM

Tila Tequila revealed that her baby daddy is some d-bag named Thomas Paxton Whitaker. I can’t believe I care enough to ask who the fuck is that? With three names I assumed he was either a child rapist or a progressive housewife, but, no, he’s a struggling musician who probably thinks that being balls deep in that train wreck is going to give him some industry cred. Unless he works for the Illuminati he’s going to be sorely disappointed. Congratulations, Thomas or Thomas Paxton. The next eighteen years of your life are going to be filled with calls from hospitals, credit collectors, police stations, and schools wondering where your kid has been this past month or two. The last guy who doinked Tila got to be faceless on camera and got $800 for his time and then go to leave. I bet he only had two names.

(Photo Via Twitter)

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  1. Lily Tejada 04/24/2014 15:04

    I found more on the baby daddy here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/tv/thomas-paxton-whitaker-tila-tequilas-baby-daddy/ he was decent to talk about her but looks very broke

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    roseblood 04/24/2014 16:08

    I still can’t believe I knew this train wreck when she first got started. Hell, I probably still have pictures of her from her days as a car show model. Even back then we thought she was strange, and called her ‘alien head’.

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    Trommel 04/25/2014 14:31

    She is still taking selfies? You’d think after all this time that he would have some camera person to work for her

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