Adam Corolla Outs the Gay Mafia

May 22, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Adam Corolla took the brave and utterly useless step of being the latest person in Hollywood to come out and state there is a gay mafia that controls a good deal of territory in this town. Seeing as this was sort of news ten to twenty years ago, his statements naturally raised a firestorm in a Salon interview that will no doubt be pinned to his lifeless body to be found in a dumpster behind the Rage nightclub.

I don’t have a problem with it — they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.

Carolla was flogged a few years ago for asking pro gay marriage activists to go get married and shut the fuck already. While his point of view likely represents the plurality of popular opinion in this country, it’s considered reactionary and heretical in a town where every high school drama club alum still pretends that coming out of the closet is akin to diving on a grenade in a foxhole. Carolla has yet to publicly connect the dots between his more politically correct comic buddies exceeding him professionally. But when he does, even the most ardent of gay bashers will hate him for being a self-pitying pussy. Gays and Jews run Hollywood. You can’t talk shit about blacks in the NBA or pick strawberries in California while calling Caesar Chavez an asshole or wear a Penguins jersey to your job in the Philly shipyards,. You can’t make gay jokes and still get yourself a TV talk show? You’ll live.

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