Bryana Holly Topless to Sell DSTLD Jeans

By Lex May 15, 2014 @ 12:44 PM

Bryana Holly Topless In A Photo Shoot By Neave Bozorgi For DSTLD
There are two big moments in any Jenner kids life. The first is when you realize you’re good looking and living in L.A. and you don’t really ever have to get a real job. The second is the day dad comes to you and respectfully requests you start calling him Priscilla. It’s a trade off most people would accept. Every time I think about Brody Jenner making the conscious decision to ditch this Bryana Holly model chick, I can’t help but think about a guy who’s pretty damn cocksure he can easily get more of the same. That’s as foreign to me as eating labrador retrievers or circumcising girls so they take to sex with similar passion as WASPy women from Connecticut. I don’t hate Brody Jenner, I don’t respect him. I have no feelings about him whatsoever. I just really want to make four minutes of sweet love to his ex-girlfriend then make up a reason why I can’t stay.

Photo Credit: Neave-Bozorgi/DSTLD

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    Hugh G. Rection 05/15/2014 15:50

    Fifteen years from now he will be mastubating gloomily to images of her in his spank bank.

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    HelloNNNewman 05/15/2014 16:32

    Best…. ass… evar.

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