Kate Moss Was Flirting With Prince William (VIDEO)

By Travis May 14, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Prince William invited more than 200 guests to Windsor Castle last night for an event that celebrated the work of the Royal Marsden Hospital, and some of the more famous faces in attendance included Benedict Cumberbatch, Cara Delevingne and Cate Banchett. Supermodel Kate Moss was also there, and she got to speak with William as he made his rounds and pretended like a prince is still a real thing that people take seriously. Some people also think that Kate was actually flirting with William as she claimed that it was “Such a shame” that the Duchess of Cambridge stayed home to change the royal diapers, and she probably was. After all, there’s a huge difference between Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Billy the balding British boy, so if an aging model wants to break up a marriage, this would be the one.

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    Beylerbey 05/14/2014 15:53

    It’s fun to say Cumberbitch.

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    Admiral 05/14/2014 16:20

    I don’t know what a prince does, or what it means to be one, but I’d totally be up for taking shots with one and letting his afterglow get me laid one night. That would be the life.

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    Admiral 05/14/2014 16:22

    I just now realize, after writing that, that could be misconstrued to have homoerotic undertones. Which makes me wonder – if letting a prince blow me got me in bed with ten chicks, would it be worth it?

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