Lea Michele’s Breasts Made It Out For Fox

May 13, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Fox hosted its annual upfront in New York City last night to announce its new slate of shows that will eventually be canceled in favor of reality shows like So You Think You Can 69? and Celebrity Cannibal Cooking Challenge. Glee star Lea Michele showed up with her side boobs blazing, which answers the big question of “Have they canceled that terrible high school singing show yet?” and it’s probably realistic that the network wanted to finally can it, but Lea mustered up the fake tears and mumbled, “But Cory Monteith would have wanted it to go on,” and the network gave it another 10 years. And last night, as the celebrity wranglers were trying to make sure that the red carpet moved quickly and Lea made her way into the building, she whined, “But Cory‚Ķ” and they let her stay out for a few hundred more photos of her looking like a background extra at best.

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