Time to Burn the Hernandez Jersey

By Lex May 28, 2014 @ 6:35 PM

I’m a man’s man. I’ll give a one murder pass to my favorite NFL players. If OJ had just beheaded Nicole for messing with his mind, I’d still be wearing his jersey. I look forward to seeing Ray Lewis do his thing on ESPN. It’s not like he still has that blood on his hands. That’s just a figure of speech. Aaron Hernandez and I could’ve still been pen pals if he had just killed his buddy who talked too much. Who hasn’t wanted to put one in the back of the head of that guy in your social circle? But, now, it looks like Aaron Hernandez probably killed a couple other dudes for accidentally bumping into him on the night club dance floor and spilling his drink. Totally ruined his mojo. So he emptied his .38 on the unsuspecting about to be dead guys as they left the club. Everybody who hates football and men and aggression will try connect the dots between the innate violence of the sport and murder. I’m going to go ahead and blame clumsy people at bars, because nobody is taking away my Sunday Ticket.

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    Beylerbey 05/28/2014 21:44

    Trigger discipline, you ape.

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    .BALLS. 05/29/2014 06:04

    Is that an Iphone 3G????? hello that was like 12 years ago, Motorola Star Tacs are cooler! This guy has no MOJO!

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    Maybe_Observer 05/29/2014 17:08

    That’s a .38 ???

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    ni_mierda1606 05/29/2014 22:55

    whatever the guy is a loser. who cares if he shot a couple people…they looked worthless anyway. let him spend the rest of his life contemplating the sin of taking someone’s life, even thought the earth won’t miss any of them, including this idiot

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