BET Lets Robin Thicke Serenade His Black Ex-Wife (VIDEO)

By Lex June 30, 2014 @ 12:44 PM

Robin Thicke has spent the better part of the past four months singing love songs to Paula Patton who left him because he dry humped Miley Cyrus on camera then started sleeping with the couple’s joint masseuse off camera. There were probably other issues as well, like Robin wearing vests and sunglasses for no obvious reason. Ever since the breakup Robin’s been living the extended version of John Cusack in Say Anything except that he’s hoisting the boom box blasting his own crappy love songs. Every awards show or appearance is another opportunity for Robin to beg his wife to take him back. Robin’s composed so many new doleful ballads, he’s putting out an entire album next week cleverly titled, ‘Paula’. I’d like to think this is some cynical genius marketing ploy to sell fourteen new sorrowful tracks to chubby women who take long baths, but that’s only because I inherently refuse to believe any man can be such a pussy. At some point, Robin will be arrested for crooning love songs while sniffing his wife’s panties out of the hamper in the house he broke into. Until then, expect a new album of love-loss every four to six weeks.

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    Admiral 06/30/2014 15:20

    A whole network devoted to racism? Assholes. Now we need WET – White Entertainment Television. Sounds like a good porn network.

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    smartyart 07/01/2014 01:13

    So…what, exactly is the point of noting that he is serenading his BLACK ex-whife. What- you ignorant, racist, dry-humping your comforter because no one would come within twenty feet of a mindless troll with nothing better to do with your pathetic life than sit in your three-day-old underwear and write about the lives of celebrities- does her being BLACK have to do with anything? 100% completely invalid. Good job douche bag. You just list a reader, and hopefully others will join.

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