Donald Sterling Back to Suing

By Matt June 10, 2014 @ 2:27 PM

Donald Sterling And Other Terrible People

Billionaire racist and aficionado of conniving and possibly transgendered women of undetermined racial makeup with lengthy criminal histories Donald Sterling has decided to go back on his word and sue the NBA for forcing him to sell The Clippers. Sterling, who either has early onset dementia or is falsely advertising this fact to cover for his demented statements, had apparently agreed to let the team go without a fight and spend his remaining days enjoying Archie Bunker clips and listening to David Allan Coe records. Sterling claims he was tricked by his high school sweetheart wife Shelly Sterling into signing away his control of the team as she presented the handoff as a routine document to evict the darkies from one of his many apartment buildings. It sucks when your wife keeps going around your back trying to clean up your hooker messes by getting you a couple billion dollars in Microsoft money. Shelly may be a thunderous cluck of a woman, but she knows good business. If Plan A was tricking Donald into signing some paperwork, Plan B will move onto strychnine¬†in the laxative suppositories. Shelly Sterling doesn’t strike me as a woman who’s ever needed a Plan C.

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    BiebersStrapon 06/10/2014 14:42

    Who is this Matt clown, anyway? You totally forgot Sterling’s name in your first borderline-run-on sentence.

    Thumbs up for the D.A.C. reference, though.

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    aandm12 06/10/2014 15:04

    I hope Matt has a day job…or a night job as the case may be…if not he should continue blowin whoever got him this gig…

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    Mud Nugget 06/10/2014 15:48

    Must be Tranny night

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