Dov Charney Loses His Job, Keeps His Dick

June 21, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

We really need to carve out a Constitutional exception for sexual misconduct and harassment and all such gross behavior rules such as it relates to the fashion and modeling industries. There is no difference between the world of women’s fashion and the porn or prostitution or New Jersey cement business. Sleazy pits of fetid water rife with predators, creeps, and miscreants. Who doesn’t know this? As head of American Apparel, Dov Charney liked to walk around his offices half naked, stroke his dick at rather inappropriate times, ask his female employees to show him their kitties and set him up with their slutty Asian friends. I’m not in a position to judge him on that last one.

Everybody put up with Dov’s gross male shit when times were good because they wanted the paycheck. Plus he’s Canadian and we all know how blood thirsty Canadians deal with squeaky wheels. Those who were more opportunistic sought justice in the form of legal settlements. His company paid out a ton. No criminal complaints, no arrests, no legal cases ever being fully adjudicated. Just cash. In the last couple of years the American Apparel brand tanked, it’s Made in America pledge became burdensomely expensive in the face of sweatshop competition. The company lost a hundred million last year. Creditors are banging on the door. So, now, after fifteen years of waving his dick around like it was Excalibur, Dov Charney suddenly gets ousted by the board for his crude sexual behavior. Because the only color that matters is money, even if the money is slightly tarnished by Dov Charney’s jizz because he thought that was a hilarious gag.

Photo Credit: Getty, American Apparel

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