Joe Biden Jumps The Poor Train

June 26, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Joe Biden has joined the chorus of politicians desperately trying to seem poor. I guess the hip hop bling culture hasn’t invaded the ranks of white career politicians just yet. Biden says he has no investments and doesn’t even have a savings account. My twelve year old niece has a savings account. If this is true, it suggests that Biden is fiscally retarded and we might want to remove him from the White House as he is way too privy to this country’s economic policies. Biden is trying to one up Hillary Clinton’s I’m One of You memes and in doing so has just cemented his fate of becoming a penniless hobo. Twenty years from now he’ll be bent over in a park holding a jar of his own urine and yelling at children that he used to vice president. Most people will speed up their pace. Some will toss him some change so they can feel less guilty about not saving a shoeless kid in Guatemala for seventeen cents a day. The role of a vice-president is to be such a lightweight nincompoop that even the crazies are scared to shoot the President. Nice work, Joseph.

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