Miss Indiana Is Normal

June 11, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

Twitter erupted during the Miss USA Pageant with praise from women happy to see Miss Indiana and what they referred to as a normal sized woman. That means unlike her beanpole competitors, she sucked on more than one chili dog outside the Tastee Freez. Fat acceptance advocates think that sporting a gunt is tantamount to goddess empowerment. As a practical matter, it is easier to encourage a fatter standard of normalcy than it is to do Pilates and lay off the cheese cake bites even when cycling. No, not that kind of cycling. The praise for Miss Indiana is refreshing in a day and age where the average American weighs 674.3 pounds and requires motorized wheels to purchase bulk boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats at the store:

I trained very hard for the body I have, but I didn’t go to extremes, and I’m proud of that. — Miss Indiana, that fetching minx

I want you to be proud of your body as well, Miss Indiana. I want to hold your hand when you lose those difficult last few pounds. I want to hug you when you fit into that summer dress you bought one size down knowing you’d get there by the 4th. I want to plug you rotten so I can see the thrust of my Excalibur jiggle the place where you still have some work to do.  I praise you as well Miss Indiana. Just like the women on Twitter, but while imagining you wearing only your brilliant sash.

Photo Credit: Getty Images