Nancy Grace Cracks Another Big Case

June 28, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Here’s an idea. When Nancy Grace’s producers call you and tell you Nancy would love to help you out, hang the phone the fuck up. That jaded tranny looking whodunnit master will nail you to the cross, guilty or not. Nancy pretty much just cracked the entire missing child case in Detroit when she invited the missing boy’s father, Charlie Bothuell, on to her show to talk about any possible leads in the 11-day long manhunt. Nancy opened the interview by dropping the bombshell that the missing boy was just found alive and well in the dad’s basement. Dad Charlie went all Fred Sanford calling for Elizabeth from the shock of the news. And Nancy knew just how to celebrate. She nailed the dad with a few left uppercuts about how the fuck the kid could be missing for eleven days if he was found in your damn basement eating crackers and pudding. Nancy Grace is a damn blood hound in sniffing out clues.

After appearing on Nancy’s show, Charlie was investigated by the cops for being emotionally and physically abusive toward his son. The stepmom in the home got popped for violating her illegal gun probation charges and the other two kids in the home were removed into state custody. Nancy Grace has done it again. It’s truly uncanny.

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