Terry Richardson Is Accused Of Being Terry Richardson Again

By Matt June 16, 2014 @ 10:11 AM


Terry Richardson likes to whip out his dick to break the ice at photo shoots. Big whoop. The dude who used to photograph me at Sears so my mom could pretend I was handsome used to employ hand puppets that looked like vaginas. I’m not sure which is objectively creepier. Yet another model has accused Terry of┬ápressing his dick up against her face┬áduring a modeling session. This while all the celebrities Terry shoots continue to stand by him as an artist and non-dick presser. It’s almost as if Terry knows that it’s not okay to assault Mariah Carey and Beyonce, but if he smooshes his junk up against a nineteen year old Russian import, he’s going to be fine. Go figure that wrinkle of super intelligence.

At some point, everybody in New York art circles decided that Terry’s amateurish porn shots were the height of hip. Just as quick as you can say desperate bandwagon, major magazines publishing articles about cool boots and gender equality started paying Terry big dollars to be the Ansel Adams of cheesecake shots. Will Vogue and GQ start taking any responsibility for Terry’s dickish behavior? Not while they’re still sucking.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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    aandm12 06/16/2014 12:11

    Hey guys….some times no news is better than the lame commentary of the guy that keeps the office clean over the weekend….

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    Hugh G. Rection 06/16/2014 13:25

    The obvious point that seems to be getting missed is, we know that models are dumb enough to do exactly what they are told 95% of the time. I could make a tortured analogy between cockroach sightings and Terry Richardson dick sightings, but the point is that Terry Richardson obviously gets his dick sucked by models a lot.

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    Beylerbey 06/16/2014 18:50

    Hopefully the next model he tries this on will be batshit crazy and armed. Then I’ll slap his casket with my semi-engorged cock, in salute.

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