Victoria Silvstedt Panties Are Back to Work

Victoria Silvstedt Flashes Her Panties Arriving At The Club 55 In Saint Tropez I'm going to guess that Victoria Silvstedt and her diminutive billionaire boyfriend are kaput. I don't say that because I don't believe in love between aging Playmates and older rich fat dudes, but because somebody has been sending out legal demands to remove old paparazzi photos of the two in photographs together. Ah, the sadness that ensues when two perfect souls detach. But, hark, what promising light shines under yonder short skirt. Victoria has been spotted this week in Saint Tropez with Jonathan Cheban. He's a publicist / model / jewelry designer / restauranteur / reality show cast member. You'd be surprised just how many people in Los Angeles have that same occupation. He's best known for being Kim Kardashian's BFF. Gay BFF if you follow Kris Humphries logic, but not something I'd say because Jonathan sues people over the mention. Gay or straight he seems to be the perfect partner for Victoria Silvstedt because he has a $3 million apartment and a Bentley. I know because the douche told me so:

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