Donald Sterling’s Doctor Might Be Crazy Too

July 2, 2014 | celebrity | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

One of the doctors who determined Donald Sterling was too bat shit to decide the fate of the Clippers had dinner and drinks with him and his wife after the examination. Dr. Meril Platzer probably waited for Sterling to pick up the check at the Polo Lounge before she gave him the diagnosis of dementia. Donald Sterling’s lawyers will attempt to prove Platzer is a wormy sociopath with ulterior motives. She clearly knew of the Sterling situation before the exam. She was also friendly enough with the Sterling’s to have dinner with them. That means she socialized with a guy she just helped screw out of his basketball franchise. She probably did some fake laughing as well. Evil doctors always do. We all know that upscale Los Angeles is populated by the morally bankrupt, but is it becoming so diseased that your own doctor starts conspiring against you? Is Platzer going to sell the CAT scans to TMZ and then be seen having drinks at Mr. Chow’s with Joey Lawrence? I don’t feel bad for Sterling yet. The fucked up part is he was only the third worst person at his dinner table.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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