Girls Costume Up For Comic Con

By Lex July 25, 2014 @ 9:12 AM

Girls Dress In Raunchy Costumes For Comic Con International 2014 In San Diego
Depending upon your tolerance for the drink in the middle of the day, you can enjoy yourself checking out the cosplay girls at the world’s largest convention of nerds, geeks, fanboys and the even smarter people who take their money. Girls with chub rub in homemade superhero costumes tend to do better around 1:17 am at Halloween parties, but Comic-Con is like a starved trout pond of horny dudes with paunches. These ravenous male fish have spent the past year holed up in their basement apartments giving their credit card numbers to hot married MILFs in their neighborhood who pop-undered on their browsers. The amount of ejaculate uncontrollably spewed inside comfort fit Dockers at Comic-Con is in quantity enough to fill John Travolta’s bathtub. And don’t think he’s not imagining that. Go nerds. Wander purgatory.

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    miche the killer 07/25/2014 15:07

    Alright, listen, you can pick on Z-list celebrities & the attention whoring “model-actresses” who roll around on the beach eating bananas & doing yoga in thongs, but normal people should be off-limits. I’m surrounded every day by normal people who I don’t want to see in their underwear, much less cheap composites of nerdwear cosplay cobbled from Rainbow’s bra & panty section. This is what I hate about LA: the perception of whether “I should walk around with my bald eagle out b/c I downloaded the 7 minute fitness app” is skewed. You should not. You’re parts are not reissue, they’re really real real. But Lex, they don’t deserve to be humiliated on a gossip site. That’s what Vice’s Dos & Don’ts is for.

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