Paul Walker’s Daughter Is Doing Fine

July 9, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Posting a bikini picture of yourself on Instagram is the international sign for ‘I’m doing better’. Demi Lovato did it after rehab for drugs and cutting and having sex with Wilmer Walderrama, in that increasingly disturbing order. Britney Spears did it after dropping thirty pounds of Mc-fat from around her ass and thighs. Now, Paul Walker’s daughter. She’s only fifteen but none too early to let dad in heaven know that adult men are already writing salacious comments about you. Meadow and her $16 million trust fund were at the center of a heated custody battle. Paul wanted his mom to take care of his daughter in the event he was killed doing 85 in a 40. But his baby mama had something to say about that. The two ladies bickered back and forth until Grandma eventually agreed to hand over Meadow if bio mom agreed to do a stint in rehab for chugging too many Mai Tais. They spit in their palms and shook hands and the deal was done. Meadow’s trust should be getting even larger if her uncle keeps agreeing to pretend to be Paul from a distance in the next half dozen Fast and Furious movies.

Brian, come closer.
I can’t. I have an affliction. Here in the shadows I shall remain.
What about a Racer-X type mask so you can still drive?
Yeah. That might work.

Photo credit: Meadow Walker/Instagram

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