Uncle Terry Gets A Gig

By Matt July 14, 2014 @ 1:48 PM


Playboy has contracted Terry Richardson to photograph an entire issue of their magazine. Playboy probably took this unusual step because Richardson is trending big in the news and their magazine business is more desperate than fourteen dudes standing around a keg in a South Bend winter talking about who gets more pussy. Playboy’s also letting the guy who melted his kid in the Home Depot parking lot right an op ed about Benghazi. Anyone who knows basic photography can take a photograph of a naked woman so in the field of cheesecake it becomes necessary to distinguish yourself in the marketplace of ideas involving tits and ass. Terry Richardson has achieved notoriety by racking up sexual assault allegations and publishing photos of himself jizzing on models. His primary talent is being related to his famous dad and being friends with the even more famous Lady Gaga. You may see this Playboy gig as a man being rewarded for very bad behavior. And you would be correct. You could protest Playboy and people might care, if you could make it 1965 again.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Terry Richardson

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    Skoorb 07/14/2014 16:29

    How exactly do you “right an op ed?”

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    BillyMitchellisaGoldenGod 07/14/2014 17:22

    That pic should be on the side of a van.

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    tonyk 07/14/2014 21:01

    “right an op ed”…serious fuck up.

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    Admiral 07/15/2014 05:51

    Dang, beat me to it, Skoorb! I wanted to be the nerdy douche to point that out. It makes me feel smart, and feeling smart is half the battle.

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    Solaera 07/15/2014 10:15

    I love how Uncle Terry is wearing a Mentors band t-shirt. The Mentors are a “rape rock” band by their own definition. Terry is such a pig, and everyone just lets it slide.

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