Alyssa Arce Poses In Lingerie

By Lex August 15, 2014 @ 12:02 PM

Alyssa Arce Poses In See Through Lingerie For Yume Magazine
Alyssa Arce is making the business rounds. She was caught coming off Justin Bieber’s boat in Cannes a couple weeks ago. Probably just laying down some background vocals with her vagina. In the old days a Playboy Playmate could expect a wealthy older man with real estate holding to make her his trophy bride. Times are constantly changing. Those guys want foreign girls now who come from a culture where when your husband tells you he’s found somebody younger and prettier to take your place, you drink a shot, shed a single tear, then go back to milking the llama.

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine

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    Admiral 08/15/2014 14:17

    You couldn’t craft a better body for sex. I bet she gets around.

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    Maybe_Observer 08/15/2014 21:28

    Those are some decent tits, indeed!

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    Maybe_Observer 08/15/2014 21:33

    Pic #7 reminds just how much I like tits……

    …and Pic #3 reminds me that I DO like fu*ckin’…….

  4. Mac Spilsbury 08/16/2014 13:29

    This video is awesome

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